Coming in April 2024!
Learn how to create unique Logo Animations that are on Brand!
A logo is the most valuable asset a brand has.
Animating a logo comes with great responsibility.

Logo animations let logos shine and expand brands into the world of motion.

Not only the animation part itself is challenging, but even more the questions:
What is the right idea behind it? How do I make sure the animation is on brand?
Get the Information you need
You need a list of things to ensure the animation is on brand.
Your client needs to provide brand guides, style guides, the mission statement, and more.
This is a team effort!
Analyze Logos
Learn to analyze logos.
The overall impression, colors, fonts, and forms influence the style of your animation.
Create Motion Guides
Use all the information you have to develop a unique animation language.
Develop guidelines that help you stay on brand, deepen the relationship with your client, and get you on board for future motion projects.
Plan your Animations
Every animation needs a plan! No matter how short it is.
What happens when?
Creating a storyboard helps you to make your animation exciting.
Use different Animation Techniques
Animate a variety of logos, using different techniques each time.
Upgrade your Portfolio and Position Yourself
as a Logo Animation Expert!
All logos and brands are created and designed by me.
You can safely add your animations to your portfolio or share them online without worrying about legal issues.
I'll keep you updated!
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Hey! My name is Manuel!

I've been working in the creative business for more than 20 years.
As an Art Director, I was responsible for redesigning brands and corporate identities.
From creating logos to delivering brand- and style guides. And the Motion Design, of course.
I've animated countless logos, created motion style guides, and developed motion design systems.

Adobe After Effects is my go-to animation software.
Creating unique designs and animations, starting on a black screen is magic for me.
Turning clean graphic objects into organic forms and bringing them to life is the best job in the world!
There are unlimited possibilities, and After Effects has the tools to turn your fantasy into an animation.
It is by far my favorite animation software.
As a Motion Designer, I have transitioned between employed and freelancing several times. I have worked on large-scale projects as an Art Director and on small projects by myself.
I never studied design or animation.
Instead, all my knowledge comes from online courses, YouTube, Google, and books. Online is the best place to quickly learn things you are interested in. Motion Design is changing so fast that traditional universities and schools often can't keep up.