Learn how to create smooth and organic animations
in After Effects.
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This is your kickstart into smooth animations!
I've been going through my 20 years of experience for the most valuable techniques and tools.
That means lots of knowledge in a very short amount of time!

A final assignment will test all your new skills.
Lesson 1:
The Graph Editor

One of the most crucial tools in After Effects!

You learn how to use the Speed and Value Grah.

Define the speed of your animation at any time.
A motion path is the path that an object takes to move from point A to point B.

Define key moments.
Learn to adjust the interpolation between keyframes with a convincing result.
Lesson 2:
Motion Paths

Lesson 3:
Secondary Motion

Support and emphasise your main animation.

Use secondary motion to add more dimension and detail to your shapes and objects.
Give your animated objects the illusion of gravity, weight, mass and flexibility.

Add personality to generic graphic shapes.
Lesson 4:
Squash and Stretch

Lesson 5:
Laws of Physics

Forces like the gravitational force, inertia of mass or the magnetic force influence the behaviour of objects.

To get convincing results, you need to take the laws of physics into account.
Final Assignment
A final assignment tests all your new skills.
I'd be happy to give you feedback on all your assignments anytime.
The After Effects project file
of the mini-course intro animation is included.


Adding "Easy Ease" is not enough!

To beat your competition you need to take your animation skills to the next level!

Smooth and organic animations keep viewers glued to your videos.

Create unique animations that your clients love! You will be able to charge more, attract higher-paying clients.


This mini-course is easy to squeeze into your busy schedule. It instantly improves your work.

Video lessons will show you how to use techniques and tools. Assignments will challenge you.

Self-paced: Take as much time as you need. Unlimited access to the lessons and all assets.

Beginner - Intermediate
You already know your way around the work area in After Effects.

Meet your peers, show your work and connect.
Get feedback on your assignments in a private space.

2,5+ hours of video instruction.
After Effects Project Files. Quizzes and assignments.

(Videos: You can turn on auto-generated English subtitles)

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If you are unhappy with the course, request a refund within 14 days of the purchase and get every cent back.
Get the mini- course:
The course includes:
+ 2.5+ hours of video instruction
+ All project files
+ Private community
+ Access forever
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Hey! My name is Manuel!
I've been using After Effects for almost 20 years.
Creating unique designs and animations, starting with a black screen is magic for me.
Turning clean graphic shapes into organic objects, almost like assigning a personality to them makes it the best job in the world!
There are unlimited possibilities and After Effects has the right tools to bring your fantasy to life.
It is by far my favourite animation software.
As a Motion Designer, I have transitioned between being employed and freelancing several times. I have worked on large-scale projects as an Art Director, and on small projects by myself.
I never studied design or animation.
Instead, I learned everything I know from online courses, YouTube, Google, and books. Online is the best place to quickly learn things you are interested in. Motion Design is changing so fast that traditional universities and schools often can't keep up.