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Learn how to develop Motion Design Strategies
for any brand.
Set up Motion Design Guides and Systems.
Motion Design is more important than ever
to communicate a brand's values, to reach a brand's target audience,
and to sell a brand's products or services.

For Motion Design to be effective, it needs a strategy
to make sure it looks and feels like the brand.
To make sure it is consistent across all touch points.
To make sure it is easy to use.
To make sure it helps to reach the brand's goals.
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Module 1: Brand and Design Exploration
Become a Brand Expert
Learn everything you can about a brand and its design.
Explore the brand guides, style guides, messaging, tone of voice.
The Logo says it all
A logo is the most valuable asset a brand has.
The overall impression, colors, fonts, and forms influence how the animation language looks and feels like.

Module 2: Motion Design Strategy
Develop Motion Design Guides and Motion Design Systems
Use all your brand knowledge to develop unique Motion Design Guides to make sure all your ideas and concepts are on brand.
Motion Design Systems ensure, your animations are compatible with all formats and applications. And meet the brand's needs.

Module 3: Motion Design Concepts
Telling Stories Right
For animations to make a difference, they need context and a plan:
From the first idea, your concept, storyboard and layouts.
Make sure, the content speaks to the targeted audience and has an impact.

Module 4: Training Camp
Develop Motion Design Strategies for Brands
Develop Motion Design Guides and Systems for brands from different industries.
Turn brands into moving experiences.
How do I know what I am talking about?
This is not an Animation Course!

Motion Design is a very broad field. There is obviously the animation and design part.
There is the back office part
And there is the huge ideas, concepts, strategies and systems part
that makes sure your design and animations are on brief and brand.

This course is for Animators and Motion Designers who want to grow into more Senior roles.
This is what the course is about.

There is a shift happening in the Motion Design industry.
A lot of money used to be in the animation and production part of the process.
These budgets are going down and will continue to do so.

One way to adapt is to offer more valuable services like developing Motion Design Strategies for brands.
Upgrade your Portfolio and Position Yourself
as a Motion Design Strategy Expert!
All logos and brands are created and designed by me.
You can safely add all your work to your portfolio or share them online without worrying about legal issues.
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Beginner - Intermediate
You already work in the creative industry as an Animator or Motion Designer.

Meet your peers, show your work and connect.
Get feedback on your assignments in a private space.

Video Lessons, Texts, Worksheets.
Brand and Design Guides, Logo Files.


(Videos: You can turn on auto-generated English subtitles)

You don't need any specific software to go through this course. To practice, I recommend using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

If you are unhappy with the course, request a refund within 14 days of the purchase and get every cent back.
Get the course:
$99 (Pre-Sale Price)
1 payment in USD
Presale: The course content is not complete yet.
All content will be available latest Sept 15th 2024.
The course includes:
+ Video Lessons, Worksheets, Practice Files
+ All project files
+ Private community
+ Access forever
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Hey! My name is Manuel!

I've been working in the creative business for more than 20 years.
As an Art Director, I was responsible for redesigning brands and corporate identities.
From creating logos to delivering brand- and style guides. And the Motion Design, of course.
I've animated countless logos, created motion style guides, and developed motion design systems.

Adobe After Effects is my go-to animation software.
Creating unique designs and animations, starting on a black screen is magic for me.
Turning clean graphic objects into organic forms and bringing them to life is the best job in the world!
There are unlimited possibilities, and After Effects has the tools to turn your fantasy into an animation.
It is by far my favorite animation software.
As a Motion Designer, I have transitioned between employed and freelancing several times. I have worked on large-scale projects as an Art Director and on small projects by myself.
I never studied design or animation.
Instead, all my knowledge comes from online courses, YouTube, Google, and books. Online is the best place to quickly learn things you are interested in. Motion Design is changing so fast that traditional universities and schools often can't keep up.