ReDI School Brandfilm

ReDI School is a non-profit organisation with branches in Berlin, Munich and Copenhagen. They basically teach refugees how to code to enable them a new start.
So they needed a brand film, which they could use for presentations and on social media to target three groups:
Refugees, volunteers and partners.
The movie's main goals: Introduce and explain ReDI School, dress the three target groups, show the benefits / possibilities and a call to action.

The film will be seen on mobilephones, office computers, in loud, noisy environments with no speakers. It will be seen on presentations and on the website.
So it works with audio, as well as without, assuming that speakers or headphones are not always available, or the environment in which the film is watched is very noisy.

The design is abstract, clean and modern, but playful -
Reflecting their sympathetic, friendly, competent, convincing, social, open-minded, playful but caring tone of voice.

The main benefit is the great community. It helps all three target groups, connects them, has an impact on all of them.
The film ends with exactly that.

#Strategy #Concept #Layouts #Design #Animation #Production
ReDI School
Manuel Steinhauser
Behind the scenes...
I recorded my screen while creating Layouts in Adobe Illustrator:
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